The Molecular Breeding Group was established in 2009 when Prof. Polidoros joined the Genetics and Plant Breeding Lab. The Group aims to study and exploit stress tolerance mechanisms, especially those related to drought and salinity and molecular biology methodologies, for breeding stress tolerant plants .

Current research projects include 1) the study of antioxidant genes in legumes and their role during nodulation and under stress, as well as, signaling pathways involved in the regulation of their expression using low-density DNA microarrays, real time RT-PCR and other molecular biology techniques; 2) the role of stress in oxidative DNA damage and the response of DNA repair mechanisms in relation to epigenetic modifications of the genome;  3) the role of MADS-box genes in flower and fruit developmental with respect to fruit quality; and 4) development of functional markers for plant breeding.

The ultimate goal of this group is to contribute to the stable agricultural production especially in arid areas, by breeding stress-resistant crops utilizing modern molecular and biotechnological methodologies.